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PP-KG Fittings

PP-KG FittingsPPGMS_Spiegelschweissmuffe_S_gr

icon-datenblattProduct Data Sheet:

  PP-KG Fittings (335.2 KB)

Application AreaApplication Area:
Fittings for underground, non-pressurised waste water pipes [PP]
S16=SN4 in Germany; S13,3=SN8 in Germany
Material DesignationMaterial Designation:
PP-Copolymer with high E-Modul (PPHM)
DIN EN 1852-1-Application UD
Nominal Ring StiffnessNominal Ring Stiffness:
S16=SN4, S13,3=SN8
DN/OD 110 mm – 315 mm
Orange-brown RAL 8023, special colours available on request
Sealing Ring SystemSealing Ring System:
HB-Fix seal
Packaging TypesPackaging Types:
Cartons on one-way pallets

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