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Our Guiding Principles

BT Bautechnik Impex GmbH

We create benefits for our partners and for ourselves

Every business transaction must be of benefit to both sides. We have used this principle to achieve outstanding success for our customers as well as a growth in recognition and value for our companies.

We always adopt a thorough approach to optimise quality, timing requirement and costs for our customers.

The customer´s objectives determine our standards

Our market reputation has been earned by the benefits we have generated for – and in partnership with – our customers.

Word of mouth and repeat business is our lifeblood. We treat customers as partners who have the same goal.

Innovation shapes our future

We believe in commitment, creativity and a willingness to take risks to create an environment in which good ideas are developed and implemented quickly.

We think outside the box, are keen to experiment and are prepared to talk at all times.

Combining new ideas with tried and tested methods creates new products, new services and new processes which in turn generates great opportunities.

Respecting the end user is important to us

Treating every member of our society as a customer, and taking them as seriously as we do ourselves, creates the right working relationship between our partners.

Just as we help our customers to become profitable, achieving profit is also important for us.

We think internationally

We are an international company and we think internationally. We draw on the varied experience and capabilities of our employees. Our approach to teamwork is characterised by mutual respect, confidence in the goodwill of our partners and employees, and readiness to talk at all times.

Only together can we be strong. Team spirit, networked thoughts and action, and joint responsibility for the overall objectives produce the best possible results for our company.

Getting better by learning

We have accumulated a global font of knowledge, ideas and experience to improve our skills, recognise opportunities in the market and make workplace-related skills an integral part of our product offer.

Getting better by learning means expecting and giving spontaneous feedback and being honest when making mistakes.

We achieve peak performance through exemplary leadership

We are forever striving to surpass our previous best.

Our managers lead by example and set clear, demanding and realistic objectives,to motivate and inspire.

We treat employees with confidence and recognise achieved targets. We train our employees and give them responsibility.

We have an open communications policy

We are committed to protecting the environment. Our know-how and social involvement contributes to shape a better world. By promoting awareness, we foster social change.

We invest heavily in ongoing staff training. Our dealings with our customers, business partners, employees, former employees, competitors and the public are characterised by an open communications policy.

Cultural differences enrich our company, because they increase our awareness and understanding of each other.

BT Bautechnik Impex GmbH